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Providing Financial Guidance for Three Generations

Compton Financial Group is a family-owned and -operated financial firm that’s been serving clients in the Tri-Cities area of Washington for three generations. Formally founded in 2022, our roots go back to the late 1940s, when William Compton first began helping his friends and neighbors through financial advice and services. His son, Steve Compton, joined him in 1981; Steve’s sons, Sean and Seth, both joined the family business in 2010 and 2012, respectively. The Compton family continues to work together to provide financial guidance and services to those in our community more than 70 years later.

William Compton

As fiduciaries, we serve your best interest.

Not every financial consultant is a fiduciary, and there is no obligation on a financial professional to become one. We chose to become a fiduciary because it matched our longstanding philosophy of putting clients’ needs and interests first. As fiduciaries, we are bound both legally and ethically to act in the best interest of our clients. As active CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional’s, we also comply with additional CFP ® Board rules. As such, the CFP® Board requires us to describe our business as fee-based rather than fee-only because our broker/dealer (Commonwealth Financial Network) provides commission business.

Striving to Make a Difference in Our Clients’ Lives

At Compton Financial Group, our mission is to make a positive impact in people’s lives by providing financial advice and personalized financial planning and services that help our clients pursue their goals. We recognize that proper financial management allows you to live more comfortably, make more memories, and plan for the future with a feeling of confidence in what lies ahead. We believe that the right financial plan and the right investments can not only help you to grow your wealth, but to grow the good in your own life—and it’s our goal to help you do just that.

Why Choose Compton Financial Group?

We know there are a lot of financial advisors out there, but at Compton Financial Group, we believe that our commitment to getting to know our clients on a personal level sets us apart from the crowd. When meeting with a new client, we never assume that we know what’s best for your finances—because we don’t know you yet. We take the time to truly understand you, your family, your goals and visions, your concerns and needs, the things that matter most to you, and any other factors that might influence your finances. Once we understand your needs and priorities, we can begin to build a strategy that will help you address those visions for the future.

We believe in cultivating long-lasting relationships with our clients that are built on trust, respect, and understanding. We’re committed to supporting our clients throughout each stage of their financial plans, providing guidance and support through every milestone, and adapting as goals, markets, and life itself changes. When you work with Compton Financial Group, you get more than a financial service; you get a team that’s dedicated to your long-term success and financial stability.

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